Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
As MW7, we respect your right to privacy and work hard to maintain your privacy throughout the time you spend here on this site. A statement on the privacy and security of your personal information can be found below.

Just like on a lot of standard web servers, MW7 keeps a record of its log files for statistical analysis. These files contain standard information such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser specifications, operating system and a log of the times you've logged in and signed out. These log files are used only for statistical analysis and are absolutely not used for any other reason; your privacy is respected. Your IP address and other information kept in these logs are never attributed to your personal information and are kept anonymous.  

We broadcast ads from third-party vendors (such as Google) on our site. These ads may contain cookies and these vendors are able to collect information derived from those cookies which are impossible for MW7 to access. We work with advertisement vendors like Google Adsense and these vendors have privacy policy that differ from our policies. Please read their (other vendors') also read their privacy policies if you wish to be informed.

The word "Cookie" refers to a small text file that a web sites' server uploads onto your hard disk. We use cookies in some areas of our website to make it easier for users to navigate. Along with these in-site cookies, the advertisements found on the site may be using cookies and web beacon software themselves to collect advertisement data. The usage of these cookies and related software are all done so with your permission, and it's completely possible for you to block access to this software by changing the settings in your web browser.

External Links
MW7 contains external links to websites with pages that differ from its own. MW7 is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these sites that MW7 links to or advertises. The link sharing process referred to here is legally defined and considered as "referrals".