SquareSpace has announced SquareSpace 7 which gives users a full suite of site publishing/e-commerce tools looks refreshed alongside a refreshed UI but the new features really Show the difference between Squarespace 7 and Squarespace 6. As an example, Squarespace 7 now offers a parallel view for the interface and the content, allowing you to edit the website with a live preview while you’re making changes.

This is a massive change from Squarespace 6, which made users edit their site blindly without getting to see what the site looks like. Beyond that, the new Squarespace also offers little annotations on the actual website whenever you want, so you can click on any editable element and make a change without ever accessing the dashboard.

They have also added a cool thing that they’ve dubbed “device view” which allows the editor to change the size in their desktop browser window and automatically see the way their website looks on another screen size and as the window changes size, Squarespace 7 automatically resizes the site; minimizing to an iPad view, and then showing what it would look like on an iPhone.

Squarespace 7 is also integrated with Getty Images, meaning site creators can access millions of images to use on their website for the low price of $10. This addition will resonate with many creators who know how arduous it can be to leave the site to go fishing for an image to be used on any given page or post.

Squarespace is integrating with Google Apps as well which will let users set up email accounts and schedule events an deven collaborate on documents through Docs. The launch was accompanied by 15 new category templates for niche websites focused on various verticals, such as weddings or cafes.

Users who want to build a one-off page, landing page, or cover page now have a brand new tool at their disposal; a splash page builder with 10 new templates of its own, which can be added to any current Squarespace website.

The platform will continue to get more robust as more developers sign on since SquareSpace 7 has finally left beta testing mode.

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